At the brand new restaurant Mr. Black & the White Ox you can have lunch and dinner.

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And the choice is huge: Go for a table in Mr. Black and enjoy comfort food and sharing dishes. Or go for the White Ox and let yourself be pampered with a 3-, 4- or 5-course dinner.

But that is not all: The special thing is that Mr. Black understands that everyone is different. The one likes to hang at the bar, the other one prefers to fall down on the couch. That is why at Mr Black and the White Ox you can opt for high or low and everything in between. There is always a place where you can sit perfectly. Do you have a preference for a previous visit? Please indicate this when making your reservation.

Opening hours vary and differ per week.


Meeting at a high level or a business drink in higher atmospheres is done in the Skybox! It is also a wonderful place for a graduation drink or a group dinner.

On the 5th floor, overlooking Utrecht, The Amsterdam Rijnkanaal, the yellow bridge and of course the Douwe Egberts factory.