2L De Blend is a brand new aparthotel in Utrecht for expats, young professionals and tourists for a stay of 1 night up to 6 months. The building used to be the headquarters of the coffee brand “Sara Lee / Douwe Egberts” (DE).

The name De Blend is derived from the mixture of delicious coffee smells and the mix of the use of the building. In the building the hotel 2L De Blend is located with 73 modern studios with their own luxury kitchen and bathroom. The whole is completed by a modern restaurant setting on the ground floor. Throughout the day you can enjoy various meals and all kinds of drinks and snacks. Due to the open nature of the layout of the entire building, De Blend is a new business "place to be" in Utrecht.

The new brand 2L takes care of the operation of the aparthotel. By using the latest ICT applications, 2L is able to provide the guest with optimal living comfort. From self-check-in, pre-check-in to a super fast wifi system with Smart TVs. Through the use of Smart TVs, the customer has many options to make a choice of what one wants to view on the screen. Log in to your own Netflix account or view all possibilities of Youtube. For longer stays, guests can open the room doors with their mobile phone.

Unique to this aparthotel is that from the first drawings the needs of international guests as an expat and young professionals have been taken into account. All toilets have a unique bidet function, a built-in adjustable toilet spray. In some rooms, an option can be used to heat the toilet seat and the spray water. Under the beds there is room to store suitcases. The kitchens are spacious and equipped with all luxury, such as four burner induction cooker, dishwasher and fridge with freezer. In addition to the bidet toilets, a bathroom mirror heating is used. 

Both heating and cooling can be arranged well in the studio as you would expect in a luxury accommodation. All units are hypoallergenic by using modern seamless plastic floors.

The location of 2L De Blend is unique! Only a few minutes from the main motorway to Amsterdam and Eindhoven but also only 1.7 kilometers from the city center of Utrecht with all the sights.